Sustainability commitments 而且 reporting

PSE is committed to doing what is right by striving to continuously improve our business in the three pillar areas of sustainability: environmental, 社会与治理(ESG). We report our sustainability plans 而且 performance under several industry-st而且ard frameworks.

MG游戏网站手机版的年度 环境、社会 而且 治理 report provides an overview of our efforts in these areas, 而且 provides links to additional information available through our website 而且 other public resources. MG游戏网站手机版Pathway to Beyond Net Zero Carbon by 2045 document lays out our plans to help drive Washington state’s transition to clean energy.

To help achieve our aspirational goals with energy equity in mind, our 清洁能源实施计划 is a four-year roadmap that will guide PSE’s clean energy investments for the years 2022-2025. MG游戏网站手机版也在进行研究 new technologies involving lower-carbon fuels such as 可再生天然气 (RNG) 而且 hydrogen.

The Sustainability mg娱乐游戏平台下载ing St而且ards Board (SASB) provides guidance to electric 而且 natural gas utilities in disclosing sustainability-related information, 形成MG游戏网站手机版的基础 SASB指数. MG游戏网站手机版的 TCFD report was prepared 与 Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures 建议, 而且 documents both transitional 而且 physical risks 而且 opportunities associated with climate change. 在一起, our ESG 而且 TCFD reports 而且 SASB指数 provide a roadmap to underst而且ing our sustainability efforts across the company.

PSE长期参与 爱迪生电气研究所美国天然气协会 efforts to increase industry transparency by publishing metrics outlined in the 千禧年代 而且 AGA voluntary sustainability reporting templates.

最后,MG游戏网站手机版每年报告MG游戏网站手机版温室气体排放. Trends in GHG emissions 而且 our progress toward Beyond Net Zero Carbon are discussed in our ESG Report.

  • 环境、社会 & 治理(ESG)报告

    MG游戏网站手机版的 环境、社会 而且 治理 (ESG) report, provides an overview of our continued progress in the three pillar areas of sustainability:


    • Climate Mitigation (transition to cleaner energy, progress toward Beyond Net Zero Carbon goals 而且 aspirations)
    • 环境 Compliance (air, waste, 而且 water)
    • Biodiversity 而且 Habitat Protection Programs (fish, 野生动物, 禽流感, 湿地, vegetation management 而且 cultural resources)


    • MG游戏网站手机版的客户和社区
    • MG游戏网站手机版的员工
    • MG游戏网站手机版的 commitment to diversity, equity, 而且 inclusion
    • Health 而且 安全 for our Employees, Contractors, 和 Public
    • 能源资源规划


    • 领导
    • MG游戏网站手机版的道德准则:做正确的事
    • 网络安全
  • TCFD报告

    PSE is currently conducting an analysis of transitional 而且 physical climate risks 而且 opportunities associated with climate change, 与 Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures 建议.

    We look forward to sharing the results of our analysis here in early 2023.

  • SASB指数

    PSE is committed to transparency in reporting 而且 has compiled operating metrics in accordance with the Sustainability mg娱乐游戏平台下载ing St而且ards Board 自愿报告框架:

    • 电力公司 & 发电机
    • 天然气公用事业 & 分销商

    MG游戏网站手机版的 SASB指数 provides a roadmap to documents 而且 references across PSE’s website related to its environmental, 社会, 以及治理活动和计划.

带着三脚架和望远镜的测量员, 戴黄色头盔, taking notes with wind turbines in background
Aerial view of rooftop solar panels at Pine Lake 社区太阳能 generation site
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